T3 is based in Denver, Colorado and was founded in 2000.  T3 was originally developed by Paul Humbeutel as the answer to the growing necessity in the court reporting community to securely move files, especially very large audio files, electronically across the Internet.

T3's customer base has steadily grown since its inception, and continues to grow on a daily basis.
T3 now has users in nearly every U.S. state, with international usage appe
aring on almost every continent.

T3’s patented product dynamically evolves to meet the steadily growing needs of the court reporting community.  T3 regularly updates the product at no charge to the customer, providing reporters with such state of the art features as auto-resume, enhanced encryption, file return, password-free access, enhanced profile controls, and many other exciting features our customers request.

T3 is the only file transfer system uniquely targeted at the court reporting community.  In this steadily evolving industry, T3 is committed to growing and changing as the needs of the court reporter, scopist and proofreader change.  Technology moves at incredible speed, and you need a versatile, dynamic company that is committed to staying on top of technology to consistently deliver state of the art products.  T3 is that company.

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